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Selection Policy


These Wisconsin AHEC health information pages provide a broad subject-organized gateway to the most authoritative Web sites the health science librarians and educators of Wisconsin AHEC have been able to identify on the Internet. These sites are selected according to the following criteria:


  • The author or organization can be identified.
  • If a person, the author’s credentials are clearly identified.
  • If the author is an organization, then the organization has a good reputation.


  • The Web site is appropriate for the audience.
  • Commercial sites are included if they have valuable educational content.  Their sponsorship must be clearly indicated on the site.
  • The Web site includes a way to contact the authors or sponsors.

Site Content

  • The Web site offers high quality information that is accurate, relevant and useful.
  • Spelling and grammar is accurate.
  • The date of original information provided by the Web site can be determined.
  • At least 80% of the Web site’s links are current.


  • The Web site is well organized and easy to navigate.
  • The Web site is consistently available and quickly accessed.
  • Priority is given to sites that meet ADA requirements.
  • If registration is required, the sponsor’s privacy policy is fully disclosed
DISCLAIMER: Healthy Wisconsin People's Web pages are offered as information and cannot replace the care of a doctor or other health professional. Links to other sites are carefully chosen according to our selection policy and do not imply endorsement of any commercial product or services offered via the sponsoring organizations. You should discuss all information found on the Web with a qualified healthcare provider.